Corporate Spanish Lessons

For more information about bespoke Spanish training packages for your business, or for more info about our business translations, transcription or proofreading services please get in touch.

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What makes our Corporate Lessons unique

  • Your staff will receive a bespoke learning plan based on your business needs.
  • We offer free Spanish level assessments, so staff are put in the right level class.
  • Staff learning progress and class attendance can be monitored online.
  • You can split staff into smaller learning groups to not impact business productivity.
  • We can teach up to 72 staff simultaneously (in 9 classes of 8).
  • Staff enjoy free access to our student Spanish DVD library.
  • A substitute teacher is arranged whenever another teacher is ill.
  • Class notes and homework are emailed whenever a staff member misses a class.
  • Our teachers are all extremely well qualified and experienced.
  • Our teachers are insured to teach onsite at your office.
  • We host Spanish social events regularly for staff to practice outside the workplace.
  • Homework is prepared and reviewed every lesson.
  • Notes are provided every lesson.
  • An exam is prepared at the end of each course.
  • Each staff member receives a personalised report.
  • An elegant certificate of achievement is presented to staff at each new Spanish level.
  • A free "Spanish and Coffee" ringbinder is given to all staff.

More about our Corporate Spanish Lessons

Where we teach

Most of our corporate clients are based in Central London, but we currently teach onsite as far afield as Woking. If your business is within an hour commute of London we can almost certainly offer your staff lessons at your office.

Class size

Whilst some suppliers might like to pack in as many staff as possible, we prefer quality over quantity. As such, we prefer a maximum of 5 - 8 staff members per group. This way we can group everyone with colleagues of the same Spanish skill level, and the teacher can give everyone adequate attention.

Lesson format

This will depend on your staff’s level and goals, but generally there will be various written, listening, verbal and reading exercises that the teacher will do with the class each lesson. The idea is to speak Spanish throughout each lesson, but of course English can be reverted to if needed - especially if the staff are complete beginners.


Homework greatly assists progress so we prefer assigning it. If staff are too busy we understand but they should try to catch up so that they don’t fall behind and slow the classes down for everyone else. We usually recommend between 1 and 2 hours a week of homework dependant on the business’ ambitions and the staff’s schedules.

Times, duration & frequency

Most businesses choose for us to host weekly 1.5hr classes at their premises either in the mornings, over lunch breaks, or at the end of the day. However, we can offer classes at whatever time is most convenient to your business and staff needs.

Our teachers

There are 9 teachers in the team, and all are highly experienced and qualified. With the current team size we are able to teach up to 9 classes of 8 staff members simultaneously, which means 72 of your staff can get lessons at the same time. All our teachers have taught at a corporate level, all are insured, and all have corporate references.

Common questions:

Students Spanish Film Library

This library has the teachers’ favourite Spanish language films and it is free for students of Spanish and Coffee. Simply browse and request the film you want to watch and your teacher will bring it to your next lesson!

See you at our next Spanish Social Event?

Our Spanish Social Events are for our students to be exposed to Spanish outside of their lessons. They’ve proven very popular and help with learning and confidence building - and they're a fun way to meet new friends too!

Upcoming Spanish events

Give Spanish as a gift!

What better gift than giving a language - that will last a lifetime. Our beautifully printed vouchers are sent 1st Class same day if ordered before 3pm.

Our recommended Spanish books and apps

We've investigated the most popular Spanish books and Spanish mobile apps. Have a look through our recommendations and let us know if you have any more you think we should add!

Dont just take our word for it

We have been fortunate to have students from some of the most prominent companies around. Below is a small collection of the most notable companies.