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We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our students, and their feedback is invaluable to us. Below are some of the recent reviews we’ve received. To read more, or to leave your own, please go to our Facebook, Google or Trust Pilot pages.

"My wife and I started to learn Spanish to aid us with our travels but also to prepare us for an expat stint in a Spanish speaking country should the opportunity arise. Spanish and Coffee is a great concept as everybody gets a personalized program to suit your needs"

Kevin, via Google

"I have been having sessions with Marta for the past two months and am so delighted with her approach to teaching and my progress so far! She is patient, enthusiastic and a loverly person, which makes each weekly session not only productive but fun too. She tailors the private sessions to your needs and goals and is prompt, responsive and genuinely interested in your learning. I highly recommend Marta and Spanish and Coffee!"

Leila, via Google

"Really enjoying online classes with Mercedes. She is an excellent teacher: flexible, structured and has a nice mix of grammar, vocabulary and conversation. Most importantly, she is willing to listen and adjust her classes to your needs! High recommended!"

Ksenia, via Facebook

"I do weekly lessons with Alba which I always look forward to. Having a community of Spanish learners, dinners and events, movies in the library...these are all aspects that help you to not just learn a language, but live it!”

Crystal, via Facebook

"Spanish and Coffee' run a very professional and personal service. From my first meeting with Angela, I was instilled with confidence that I had made the right choice booking classes with this company. She arranged for me to be tutored by Ana, who I can't recommend highly enough. My classes were full-on (in the best sense of the word), well structured and fun. Teaching seems to come naturally to Ana and she has the necessary qualifications to prove this (for those who need more to go on than just my word). The company will provide CVs on request. I hope to continue learning spanish with 'Spanish and Coffee' in to the new year."

James, via Facebook

"I love them - brilliant. Alba is fantastic. I enjoy my lessons - Alba is very encouraging and professional. I would also class her as a good friend. I can't wait for my next class on Tuesday."

Annie, via Facebook

"The three of us started our Spanish lessons two months before our trip to Patagonia, Argentina. Victoria was happy to tailor the lessons to our needs, focus mostly on vocabulary we needed for our trip and basic conversations. I think we managed to cover quite a lot in two months, definitely enough to get by in Patagonia where hardly anyone speaks English. Victoria is a very friendly, competent and patient teacher. Muchas gracias Vicky!"

Jan, via Facebook

"I had classes with Monica. She is a very good teacher and perfect person. Basically I didn't know anything in Spanish, but due to my teacher I managed to study lot of things in Spanish. She encouraged me to be confident with my Spanish and inspired me during the lessons."

Narine, via Facebook

"I've been having lessons with Marta. She is a great teacher , bringing lots of energy , enthusiasm and encouragement to every lesson. Each lesson has been tailored to help me improve in areas that I feel need work and I can honestly say we haven't had one boring lesson as the conversations have always been interesting and lively. As well as that she is very accommodating and flexible and manages to run a good lesson even with my toddler there. I couldnt rate her more highly!"

Edwina, via Facebook

"I have lessons with Ana and I´m very happy. First time I see that a teacher can be so excited of their work. She always tries to give me the maximum information during the lessons, doesn´t lose any minute of our meetings. She pays attention to all parts of language studying, we learn gramma, read texts, do exercises and every lesson we talk, talk and talk. I can definitely say that she [Ana] is the best. Furthermore, I always feel spanish language around me, not just in our lessons. She gives a lot of homework in order you study 30-60 minutes every day, so I can´t forget anything and feel that I realy made a progress just for the last 3 weeks. She is friendly and nice girl. It´s also good that she is always in touch (email, mobile). I can email her at any moment and she never ignores me. I´m thankful I got an opportunity to know her and going to continue my studying only with her."

Victoria, via Google

"I have weekly lessons with Monica, which I enjoy enormously. Having taken up learning Spanish earlier this year with an intensive course in Columbia, Monica is working hard to make sure I both maintain what I have learnt and continue to practice. Now, I'm developing further into many more tenses and a greater understanding of the language.The 90 minute sessions absolutely fly by, and I look forward to them very much. Monica is a patient and articulate teacher. I only wish I had more time to take more lessons!"

Susan, via Google

"I've been studying Spanish online with Mercedes since earlier this year and I've absolutely loved it. I've always struggled with learning new languages but Mercedes is a great teacher - friendly, patient and fun. I've improved much more quickly than I thought I would, and that's all down to great teaching. Mercedes, tu eres la mejor, muchas gracias!"

Rob, via Facebook

"1-2-1 lessons are by far the best way to learn another language, and Spanish and Coffee delivers this at the location of your choice. I have been having lessons with Angela for about 3 months, and my Spanish conversation has seen a big improvement, in both grammar and vocabulary. Having had lessons with Angela, I would never consider group lessons again, her relaxed manner and patient explanations of each concept have meant I develop my understanding of Spanish much quicker than any other format of Spanish learning. Angela is a beautiful person inside and out and it's an absolute joy to spend time with her, I would strongly recommend you sign up - you'll never look back."

Michael, via Google

"I recently did a couple of lessons with Victoria to try and give me some basic Spanish before a trip to South America, and wanted to say that without her help I'd have probably ended up stuck in a Paraguayan bus station for two weeks but instead had an excellent time. She was able to teach me the basics, explain grammar simply so I could easily take things further myself and was also not thrown by my increasingly bizarre requests for certain phrases (it was a work trip). She was also incredibly helpful outside lessons in supplying me with extra information she felt'd be useful and recommending online tools to use while away. Wouldn't hesitate on recommending her to anyone and one of the best language teachers I've had."

Alex, via Facebook

"Angela is the best teacher you could EVER wish for. Not only is she supremely professional and fantastic at teaching Spanish, but she is also an amazingly wonderful and caring person. My husband and I had weekly lessons with Angela in order to travel in both Spain and South America and we are so glad we did. Everything she taught us came in immensely useful and, in fact, some people on out travels even thought we were Spanish! We even got an upgrade in a hotel in Barcelona because the lady on the desk thought we were making such an effort to speak the language! Angela was always on time and made so much effort to help us in any way she could. Outside of lessons, she was always available for questions over email and the exercises that she set us for 'homework' were incredibly useful. I would recommend Angela to absolutely anybody who wants to learn Spanish and I wish 'Spanish and Coffee' all the luck in the world; we only stopped having lessons because we moved to Australia! :)"

Jenny-Lee, via Google

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